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Sheet Metal Fabrication factory - hgamekek - 04-15-2021

Product Description:
High power density laser beam is used to irradiate the cut material, so that the material is heated to the vaporization temperature quickly, and the vaporization forms a hole. With the movement of the beam on the material, the hole continuously forms the slit with very narrow width (such as about 0.1mm) to complete the cutting of the material.
Production Accuracy:
Product Specification:
Production according to customer requirements
Production Process:
Laser Cutting Fabrication
Surface Treatment:
Determined according to processing materials
Production Leadtime:
1 week for sample parts, 1-2 weeks for batch products
Processing Materials:
Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Copper
Order Process:
Have the IntentionProvide DrawingsQuote
Proof of PaymentMail ConfirmationMass ProductionConfirm Receipt
Quality Assurance
Strict implementation of ISO9001:2015 quality management system. From raw materials to machining to delivery, at least 3 inspection processes are required to avoid any quality defects, so that the delivery qualification rate reaches 98%锛?/strong>
Delivery Guarantee
CNC equipment with 24-hour machining, is good at dynamic milling technology. The roughing efficiency is increased by 50%. Each order is followed up one-on-one by professional trained worker to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer within the scheduled time.
Service Guarantee
Technical customer service personnel are online 24 hours, respond within 2 hours, provide solutions within 24 hours, and solve within 1 day. We adopt high-quality express and multinational logistics companies, send special personnel to follow up the logistics information, to ensure the safety of products to your hands.Sheet Metal Fabrication factory